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Stainless steel needle 70 mm.



1 piece $6.25 Stainless steel needle 70 mm. Nylon 4 m. ✤ 12.99 ft Nylon 0.7 mm. เชือกไนล่อน ขนาด 0.7 มิลลิเมตร ナイロンコード 0.7 mm. Cuerda de nylon 0.7 mm. for making jewelry only Ship from Florida immediately when your payment is clear. Buddha Happy offers a fine collection of quality Asian Handcraft, Decorating arts, Home Decor, Buddha, Beads, Jewelry, & Antiques. All items are blessed and activated with Holy wood Palo Santo, Indian Sages, and Chakra that help support Spiritual Well Being and Peace.